Upholstery Cleaning in Brisbane & Ipswich

An Upholstery Cleaning is More Important Than You Realise

How often do you have a professional come to your home or office and clean all your furniture?  If you’re like many, you may not even think about this until you have something stained, or until you’re ready to host a holiday dinner and want everything looking pristine.  It’s actually more important to have regular upholstery cleaning than you may realise; this can help your furniture to last longer and may even be important to your overall health.  It’s also good to have this done just to keep things looking their best.  Consider why a professional is the best choice and why you need to have this done regularly, for your furniture and for you.

What’s in Your Furniture

Even if you don’t allow animals to sit on the furniture and are careful about keeping your feet on the floor, your furniture will still absorb pounds of shed skin cells and perspiration every single year.  Mattresses can gain about one-third their own weight every ten years from skin cells, sweat and dust mites, and your furniture may not absorb as much but it still collects quite a bit of debris.  Dust mites love to nest inside the cloth of furniture of all sorts where they lay eggs, and where their excrement builds up.  Neglecting regular upholstery cleaning allows these elements to build up in your furniture which is very unhygienic.

Keeping it Maintained

Having your furniture cleaned professionally on a regular basis helps to keep it maintained.  When the upholstery gets crushed from body weight or from absorbing dirt and sweat, this detracts from its appearance and even its value, and the longer you ignore this problem the harder it is to correct.  When you have it cleaned regularly, this will pull up the skin cells, sweat, dust mites, and other irritants that are buried deep in the furniture so that it’s always cleaner, and easier to keep clean.  If you have older furniture you want to keep it in pristine condition so that it retains its value, so having it cleaned regularly is part of this maintenance.

Trying to clean your furniture yourself is difficult; your vacuum cleaner is limited in what it can remove and the cover of furniture is typically so thick that you cannot pull up all the dust mites and other irritants buried deep in its structure.  A professional cleaner will typically use steam to loosen dirt and other irritants, and then stronger equipment to pull them out from the inside padding and springs.  They may also use cleansers that leave a germ-free surface behind, and which make your furniture smell fresh and new!  Professional upholstery cleaning is an investment in your furniture items and something that will keep everything in your home looking its best, and lasting for as long as possible as well.

Invest in Your Health, with Brisbane Upholstery Cleaning by Ready Cleaning

Too often, people go years (or even decades) without having the upholstery on their furniture cleaned. They may vacuum couches every once in a while to clean up crumbs or pet hair but, for the most part, furniture can go without cleaning for far too long.

This is a problem because couches, chairs and other upholstered furniture collect substantial amounts of debris every year. From dust and dirt to pet dander and dead skin cells, your couch could be loaded with irritants that pollute the air and cause allergic reactions, bad odours, skin irritation and more. Dust mites are another common problem with upholstered furniture.

Re-upholstering your furniture can take care of stains and make your furniture new again. However, if you want to get right down to the root of the problem, then you need to hire a company for Brisbane upholstery cleaning. Such a decision will be an investment in not just your health and your quality of life, but also in the lifespan of your furniture.

At Ready Cleaning, we provide upholstery cleaning in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas. Using steam, non-toxic cleansers and heavy-duty cleaning equipment, we can loosen and extract even the deepest-seated debris in your furniture. Our cleansers also make sure that your furniture smells fresh and is bacteria-free when the job is done.

So stop dealing with furniture loaded with irritants and allergens, and hire Ready Cleaning as your Brisbane upholstery cleaning service. You can send an enquiry our way on our website, at www.readycleaning.com.au, by using the contact form that appears on the right-hand side of every page


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