Using bleach-based cleaners is great for showers and other bathroom surfaces, but if you are using it on your tile floors, you might actually be doing more harm than good. Bleach is a harmful chemical, and while it’s fine for tough fiberglass surfaces and the like, it can actually do damage to tiles, and more specifically, to the grout that holds them together.

Think of grout like cement. It’s a porous, tough material meant to last for a long time. By itself, it’s not what makes a tile floor attractive: the actual tile slabs do that. Without the grout, though, no tile floor would hold together. With that said, grout can impact the overall appearance of a tile floor, simply because its porous nature makes it susceptible to staining.

At Ready Cleaning, a tile and grout cleaning specialist in Brisbane, we can help you to clean your tiles and grout in an effective and non-harmful way. Since you wouldn’t ever try to clean the cement of your home’s front walk, sidewalk or driveway with bleach, you shouldn’t do so with your tile grout either. Ready Cleaning uses softer cleaners (and even steam cleaning methods) to clean the porous grout lines and tile surfaces in a way that removes dirt and grime without doing damage to the materials.

So call Ready Cleaning, and get a better-looking tile floor today! In order to make an appointment for our tile and grout cleaning services in Brisbane, give us a call at 040 4001 761. Our sales associates will be able to tell you about our services, provide a pricing quote or schedule a time for us to come and clean your floors.