Steam Cleaning in Brisbane & Ipswich

Two Quick Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Paying for someone to come in and professionally clean your floors is necessary for their appearance and even for the longevity of those floor surfaces.  Dirt and grime wear down the nap of carpeting, seep into porous areas of tile, and give your floors a drab, dull look.  Trying to clean on your own can be a challenge; the wrong cleaners not only do no good, they may even damage floor surfaces.  Many homes and offices today are being built or remodelled with natural stones and materials for floors, and these are more difficult to clean than ceramic tiles; they are especially prone to damage when you use harsh cleansers or cleaning equipment.

Proper Materials and Equipment

Some years ago, you could scrub carpets and tile floors with scrub brushes and cleansers to get out dirt and grime.  Today more porous tile is likely to be scratched from this harsh cleaning, and scrubbing carpets may get out dirt but it wears down the nap and damages the fibres.  The wrong cleansers also damage tile and carpet; many homeowners use bleach on floors, assuming it’s a cleanser that can work for anything, but this too can seep into porous tiles and damage their materials, especially natural materials such as limestone.

The right materials and equipment can not only protect the surfaces of your floors, they can also preserve them and their appearance.  A good steam cleaning is a very safe way to clean many floor surfaces including carpet and all sorts of tile.  Steam will get into those pores of tiles and into the nap of carpet and remove built-in, ground-in dirt and mud and give your floors a new look.  This is why it’s a better choice than harsh materials and improper equipment.

Environmentally Friendly

Chemicals from cleansers get in the air and then into the groundwater in areas of Brisbane and Ipswich.  When you use harsh chemicals and cleansers on your floors, these materials need to be disposed of which is why they are so harmful to the environment.  The fumes and odours of harsh chemicals can also be very difficult for young children and those with breathing difficulties.

A good steam cleaning is much more natural and not irritating to people or the environment.  While a professional may also use cleansers during this type of service, these are usually much less harsh and he or she will need to use less as well, since the steam does so much of the work of loosening dirt and grime.  If you’re concerned about the impact on the environment of your floor cleaning, choose steam instead of other types of cleaning.  It does a more thorough job and does it much more safely.