Pest Control in Brisbane & Ipswich

Why Should You Have a Professional Handle Your Pest Control?

Dealing with bugs and rodents can be difficult in Brisbane or Ipswich, as Australia is known for having a variety of creatures that love to burrow their way indoors.  Homes and offices would do well to consider professional pest control on a regular basis rather than trying to deal with this on their own, or assuming that these pests are not that worrisome.

Danger of Rodents and Bugs

Typically insects and rodents are seen as more of an imposition rather than a true danger, but there is quite a risk factor when your home or business is infested.  You may not be able to see many insects behind walls but they can chew through drywall and cords and do quite a bit of damage to your building materials.  Rodents can also build nests in your walls or ceiling and have babies so that your home becomes even more infested.  Their droppings are also toxic and can cause irritation to your lungs and sinuses.

Insects and rodents are especially dangerous to young children and those with breathing disorders, since this irritation to lungs and sinuses is more of a concern to those with sensitive systems.  When you have children at home, consider pest control on a regular basis for their protection.

Danger of Chemicals

Handling your own rodents and bugs can be dangerous because of the chemicals many people use around their home or office.  They often don’t take precautions when they spray for bugs; they may easily breathe in those fumes which can damage their own lungs and tissues.  They may also not realise the danger to others and neglect to have a building properly ventilated.  Those chemicals can irritate occupants for days after a building is treated.


A professional will know the best way to handle pest control so that it gets done effectively and quickly.  They have the best chemicals and sprays to use so that they work quickly, and they not only kill bugs, they keep them from coming back.  A professional treatment will also destroy eggs and larvae so that you don’t need to worry if bugs have infested your building behind the walls.

Because it’s so much more effective, a visit from a professional can often accomplish more than you can on your own no matter what you use and how much.  This can address your rodent and bug problems once and for all, and regular visits from a specialist will keep new ones from coming back.

There are many benefits to having a professional handle your infestation problems, and protecting your property as well as your family is worth the cost.  Before you spray down your own home or office with more harsh and dangerous chemicals, consider calling a professional for pest control.