Mattress Cleaning in Brisbane

Why a Mattress Cleaning is Vitally Important at Home

You may never give thought to your mattress until it needs replacing, but a good cleaning is vital for any home in Brisbane and it’s best to have it done on a regular basis.  Every night you shed skin cells and sweat even in cold weather, and all of that is being absorbed not just by your linens but your sleeping surface as well.

You can use your vacuum and a hose to give your sleeping surface a once-over, but it’s often good have professionals handle this type of job on a regular basis.  There are many good reasons for this and many advantages to having a professional furniture cleaner come into your home on a regular basis and clean all your upholstery, as well as your floors.  Consider why this might be true for you.

Amount of Build-up that Occurs in a Matress

Since you typically can’t see sweat and skin cells that are being shed, it’s easy to think that you don’t lose that much and that you don’t have that much being caught in your sleeping surface.  The truth is that a mattress may actually gain about one-third its own weight over the course of ten years, from your skin cells and sweat to dust mites and their excrement and eggs.  A typical mattress may be home to anywhere from 10,000 to over 1 million dust mites.  While these bugs are relatively harmless, having too many in the home can lead to respiratory issues including asthma and allergies.  They also lead to much less clean air that you breathe and can irritate your skin.  If you haven’t cleaned your sleeping surface in many years, you may want to think about what has been building up over those years and if this is the best and cleanest area for you.

Equipment and Materials Used in Mattress Cleaning

How much dirt and sweat does your vacuum actually lift?  Probably not very much; the cover is so thick that what’s inside around the foam and springs is not lifted by a household vacuum hose.  The cover itself may be much cleaner but to really remove everything that seeps through on a regular basis, you want a steam clean with professional tools.  This will lift ground-in dirt and months of debris and ensure that you have a clean and sanitary sleeping surface.

Trying to handle this type of cleaning on your own can leave quite a bit of dirt and other irritants under the surface, and may not do a good job of killing and removing dust mites and other insects.  A steam clean by a professional will get under the surface of your mattress and ensure that everything is being lifted and removed so that yours is virtually new again.

A professional may also use certain materials to freshen the scent of your cover and this too can help you to sleep better at night; when your room smells clean, you immediately feel as if it is clean and you may be more rested when you crawl into bed.